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Newsletter – Life Sharing: Moving Forward Together! – vol. 1


NewsLetter Vol.1


  • Message for the launching of newsletter
  • Overview of Life Sharing initiative
  • Introduction of main support projects
  • Activity report
    • “Kickoff symposium held,” “Report on lunch meeting”
    • “Role Models” ,“Logo mark and nickname decided”
  • Information on upcoming events
    • “International symposium,” “Ikumei Festival”
    • “Luncheon seminars at Ikuta campus”, “Announcement of lunch meeting”

Newsletter – Life Sharing: Moving Forward Together! – vol. 2

Newsletter vol.2

NewsLetter Vol.2


      • Activity report of this year, and for the final program year
      • Science Supporter (SS) system
      • Childcare Subsidy System
      • International symposium held
      • Activity report
        • “We holding lunch meetings”
        • “Talk event held at Ikumei Festival”
        • “Luncheon seminar held at the Ikuta Campus”
      • Information on upcoming events
        • “Announcement of lunch meeting”
        • “Open Lecture at Liberty Academy planned (Ikuta Campus)”
        • “Announcement of the website renewal”
      • Report on questionnaire survey results

Newsletter – Life Sharing: Moving Forward Together! – vol. 3


Newsleter Vol.3


    • Message from Head of the Center for Gender Equality and Diversity
    • Center for Gender Equality and Diversity, Support Office: 2016 List of Steering Committee Members
    • Activity report
      • Special event “Life Sharing – Moving Forward Together! Gender Equality at Meiji University” held
      • Poster to promote gender equality decided through public invitation
      • Open lecture on gender equality held at a citizens’ workshop “Meiji University Liberty Academy”
      • The questionnaire survey on awareness of this program and promotion of gender equality conducted
    • Announcement from MUGED
      • A part of the support system changed
      • More baby chairs and diaper changing tables equipped
      • Role Models issued
      • We holding lunch meetings, luncheon seminars and other events
      • The website updated